Control your Irrigation system from your phone, tablet or computer!

  • Replaces almost any controller.Works with your current irrigation system, up to 16 zones.
  • Auto adjust with Weather Intelligence ™.Waters automatically based on past, present and future weather, plus seasonal adjustments. No need to worry about updating schedules.
  • Remote control. Start, stop and change your irrigation sprinkler system from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Real-time notifications. The app will let you know what’s happening with your yard, from rain delays to faulty valves via email or text message
  • Detailed water usage reporting.Know how much water you’re using in your yard.

  • Customized for each zone.Get a tailored schedule based on specific plant types, soil types, nozzles and sun exposure.

  • Any schedule you want.Specify times and dates for when your schedule should run
  • Never water in the rain.Connects to a network of thousands of weather stations to get the latest weather.
  • Proactive rain skipping.Automatically skips watering due to forecast rain, instead of just reacting to real-time rain.
  • Cold weather delays.Automatically skips watering due to low temperatures.

    An Insightful Sprinkler Controller!

    You can customize watering schedules using inputs like plant type, sun exposure and more to ensure that each yard gets exactly the water it needs. The Insightful Sprinkler System will even automatically adjust based on local weather so your customers won’t have to worry about watering in the rain.

    With ADT and integration, extend the control, security, and reliability of the system beyond the home.

    Once your Irrigation controller is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network, you can control it from practically anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet (data plan, another Wi-Fi network, etc).

    Just like an email account, you can login from anywhere with your username/email and password.