ADT/INSIGHT INFOADT has been in the home security business for almost 150 years, longer than any other company has. ADT began installing home and business alarms back in the mid-19th century. In 1871, a man named Edward Calahan opened a new company called the American District Telegraph Company in Baltimore, MD. Since then, ADT has been providing home and business security products and services. ADT has leveraged 144 years in the home security business into what is probably the largest provider of residential security systems in the world. Despite merging, being acquired, going public, going private and then going public again, their core business remains intact. By continuing to evolve and take advantage of technological breakthroughs as they happen, the company continues to be a giant in the security industry.

Who is Insight Security?

ADT/INSIGHT INFO  Insight Security serves Alberta and BC. Insight Security was born in response to the rash of recent break ins and burglaries in the area and a need was expressed that a reliable, responsible local alarm security company was needed. Insight Security, started by Trevor Leigh, is an ambitious forward thinking company. Insight is professional, secure, insured and licensed by the BC government and is determined to serve each and every customer with respect and is dedicated to excellence at all levels. All employees are qualified, local, are closely vetted and complete background checks are necessary to join the Insight Security Team. 

Interested in being part of the Insight Security Team? We are looking for honest hard working qualified people.


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